Roko Sau (Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba)

Traditional Leaders & Community Representative


Mr. Josefa Cinavilakeba was born on March 15, 1972. He was the son of the then Roko Sau or the paramount chief of Totoya in Lau. Roko Rusiate Sogotubu grew up in Totoya before moving to the city for further studies. He completed his tertiary studies at the Fiji Institute of Technology now the Fiji National University. After completing his studies in 2009, he worked as architectural draftsman before joining the Pacific Blue foundation team. Towards the end of the same year he was formally installed to his traditional role as the paramount chief of Totoya one of the acknowledged traditional leaders in the Lau group. He is also an executive member of FLMMA and the vice chairman of the Lau Provincial Council.