Project SeaCAMEL – Module 6 – Aquarius as an Artificial Reef

Aquarius as an Artificial Reef - Project SeaCAMEL

Aquarius as an Artificial Reef Video: A fish census, some interesting fish behaviors, and a Fetch1 AUV fly-by past Aquarius.

Aquarius as an Artificial Reef Video: We hope this classroom will be a visual treat. In addition to the fish census, and interesting fish behaviors we will see, we hope to fly the Fetch1 AUV past Aquarius several times. We also will attempt something that hasn’t been done before, remote control of an AUV over the Internet. Michael Crockett, a senior at Gloucester High School in Virginia, and a former intern with Dr. Patterson, will attempt to take control of the Fetch1 AUV from 1200 miles away. His computer at his high school will communicate with a server at the Aquarius shore base, which will then connect to the wireless LAN in the Life Support Buoy that floats directly above Aquarius. The surface team of VIMS graduate students and Sea Grant advisory service teacher Chris Petrone, will relinquish control of the Fetch1 AUV, waiting at the surface, to Michael in VA. If all goes well, he will send programming commands to the robot and have it execute a flyby of the habitat. We hope to get the aquanauts perspective of it from underwater, as filmed by our cnematographer, D.J. Roller.

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