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We have worked in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea for more than a decade. We launched our Atlantic Ocean work with a habitat mapping expedition in the US Virgin Islands in 2001. Since then we have partnered with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences to study how pollutants affect coral in 2004, and with NOAA to study healthy reefs in Bonaire in 2010.

Also in 2010 we worked in The Cayman islands, both on the study of coral diseases and to survey some of the healthy reefs round the islands.

We continued our work in the Caribbean Sea with the launch of our Global Reef Expedition in 2011. We chose the Bahamas as the starting point for our six-year coral study that will circumnavigate the earth before completion. In the Bahamas we completed mapping and coral surveying missions around Cay Sal Bank, Andros Island, Great and Little Inagua, and Hogsty reef.

We have also surveyed round St. Kitts and Nevis, Navassa Island, Jamaica, and some of the offshore banks belonging to Colombia.