Daniel Pauly KSLOF fishing filmsSince the start of the Global Reef Expedition, we have been producing films to help us spread our ocean science and conservation message to as wide an audience as possible. The award-winning films the Foundation produces can transport viewers to places that they may never otherwise see, make complicated science easy to understand, and connect people in a visceral and emotional way to the incredible beauty of the natural world.

While our science team collects an extraordinary amount of valuable data, our films tell the story of what the data means and connects people across the world in far flung countries.

We produce films for multiple audiences. They are broadcast nationally in the USA and overseas, play at scientific symposiums, contribute to our education curriculum, screen in village halls overseas, and stream free online. You can find all of our films on our Website and YouTube Channel.

We make films of varying lengths.

Short Films
Our short films range from about 2-6 minutes in length. Many are produced specifically for our Education Curriculum and fit in with a precisely written lesson plan. Other short films are produced to give a concise overview of a topic that relates to coral reefs, for example, outbreaks of Crown of Thorns Starfish or coral disease.

TV Series & Half Hour Films
The half hour films we produce for broadcast often tackle a subject at a more nuanced level and are written to give a detailed picture of an ecosystem, a place, or an event. Be sure to watch the award winning film Mapping the Blue as well as our two 6-part series, Our Living Oceans and the Global Reef Expedition.

Documentary Films
The Foundation has also produced a number of full-length documentaries for broadcast TV. These films give a deep understanding of a topic or a place. For example, the award winning Sharks of the Coral Canyon reveals new hunting behavior in sharks and the wonders of a spectacular underwater canyon in the Pacific Ocean. Our latest feature film, An Ocean Mystery, takes a deep-dive into the fishing industry and how we are dangerously overfishing the world’s fish supply.

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We are fortunate to work with some of the best filmmakers and cameramen in the business including world-renowned underwater cameraman Doug Allan. Hear what he says about working with us in his latest video.


We want you to share the message and information in these films. Why not host a screening in your local school, coffee shop, or community?

To host a screening or request a DVD of one or more of our films please contact us.

Mapping the Blue films screening in AnnapolisUpcoming film screenings include: