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The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has conducted extensive research in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea since our first coral reef mapping expedition to the US Virgin Islands in 2001. Since then, we have crossed the Caribbean assessing the health and resiliency of coral reefs on the Global Reef Expedition in The Bahamas, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Navassa, and Colombia. All of our research in the Caribbean has been shared with relevant government agencies, scientists, conservation organizations, and local leaders in each country. We do this so each nation can make informed decisions on how to protect and preserve their marine resources. This data-sharing has led to many conservation success stories, including the establishment of a marine protected area on Pedro Bank, Jamaica’s largest and most valuable fishing ground.

Prior to our work on the Global Reef Expedition, the Foundation conducted research on coral disease in the Cayman Islands, studied how pollutants affect coral in partnership with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, and worked with NOAA to assess the health of Bonaire’s reefs. The Foundation also conducted a series of “underwater classrooms” from a marine science station located on the seafloor of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Now the Foundation’s efforts in the Caribbean are focused on educating and inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates. Our mangrove education and restoration programs bring high school students in Jamaica and The Bahamas into the mangrove forest to plant trees and learn about this critical marine ecosystem.