French Polynesia Photo Exhibit featuring the work of iLCP conservation photographer Michelle WestmorelandAt the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, we know that studying and understanding our oceans is critically important, but it is not enough to save some of the more threatened ecosystems. Conservation and restoration of the marine environment calls for human action, and we believe that education and outreach can motivate people to take actions toward lasting ocean conservation.

We have a robust outreach program that supports our science and education efforts. To connect with as many people as possible we use a variety of methods of communication. We recognize that different groups of people would like to receive information in different ways and so we use all the tools that are available in today’s media landscape.

Many people will never get a chance to swim in the ocean, dive on a coral reef, or fish in the sea (or get the chance to do so as often as they would like). We bring the joy and deeper understanding of the ocean to them through engaging films, world-class photography, live events, and digital media streams.

The Foundation creates award-winning conservation films that have been shown at film festivals around the world, broadcast on television, streamed online, and incorporated into our educational materials.

Professional underwater photographers join us on many of our expeditions to capture the beauty of coral reefs and the threats they face.

In order to engage and educate the public about marine conservation issues, we hold live events throughout the year in the Washington DC area as well as in select locations around the world.

Our award-winning website recently underwent a number of updates with the addition of our new Coral Reef Education Portal, interactive coral reef habitat maps, and digital atlases showcasing the shallow water marine habitats we surveyed.

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Chief Scientist Dr Andrew Bruckner conducts an online interview aboard the Golden ShadowIn addition to the work we do to inform and educate the public about our ocean and coral reefs, we bring our latest scientific research directly to policymakers and conservation organizations in the places we work, so they can put it to good use and make informed decisions about how to use their coastal lands and waters. Our Education team also conducts extensive outreach, providing educational materials and trainings for teachers, organizing competitions for students, and working with schools to bring coral reef and mangrove education into the classroom.