Galápagos Research: Unseen View Into a Unique Ocean Realm

In June 2012, the Living Oceans Foundation visited the Galápagos Islands as part of the Global Reef Expedition for global coral reef research. Galápagos Research This Mission Galápagos Research Video reveals how our research in the Galápagos is helping to …

Climate Change and the Prophetic Galapagos Coral Reefs

Climate change is one of the largest global threats to coral reefs. Learn how corals in the Galapagos Islands may be good indicators for climate change and how they may help in managing other coral reefs throughout the world.

GoPro Flyover of Fijian Reefs

This GoPro Flyover of Fijian Reefs shows the beautiful coral reefs of the Fiji Islands through the eyes of a GoPro camera aboard the Golden Fleet’s amphibious aircraft, the Golden Eye.

Nightdive to Assess Coral Fluorescence

Joao Monteiro collects coral samples on a nightdive to assess coral fluorescence by measuring the photosynthetic efficiency of corals during the Global Reef Expedition.

White Tip Reef Shark

A white tip reef shark was spotted off Bellinghausen, French Polynesia during our research missing to the Society Islands as part of the Global Reef Expedition. Luckily, we were able to video it eyeing us as much as we were …

Establishing a Legacy Site in French Polynesia

The Society Islands science team is establishing a Legacy site in French Polynesia. Legacy sites are observational areas that can be compared over time. They provide incredible insight into the future of coral reefs, and their resiliency to ecological disturbances.

Alberta Primetime Interviews Candice Jwaszko Coral Reef Educator

Alberta Primetime Interviews Candice Jwaszko Coral Reef Educator, while on board the Golden Shadow in French Polynesia as part of the Foundation’s Coral Reef Educator on the Water (CREW) program. Candice Jwaszko, a science teacher from Alberta, Canada, was interviewed …