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  • 2012

    Galapagos Corals May Predict the Future of Reefs Worldwide

    The Galapagos Islands have been famous for a century and a half, but even Charles Darwin thought the archipelago’s list of living wonders didn’t include coral reefs. It took until the 1970s before scientists realized the islands did in fact have coral, but in 1983, the year the first major report on Galapagos reef formation was published, they were almost obliterated by El Niño. This summer, a major coral survey found that some of the islands’ coral communities are showing promising signs of recovery. Their struggle to survive may tell us what is in store for the rest of the world, where almost three-quarters of corals are predicted to suffer long-term damage by 2030.

  • 2011

    Living Oceans Foundation studies Bahamian coral reefs

    Energy behavior in virgin coral reef communities taught seven Bahamian researchers with the team of Living Oceans Foundation’s scientists how natural law operates in the isolated marine environment of Cay Sal Bank. They spent 20 days at sea with 18 people in their research team and discovered evidence of the island being submerged, possibly by conditions of climate change.

  • 2009

    Why the ocean Google

    The fact that you now can explore the ocean through Google Earth isn't going to make Google much money directly. But the move is nonetheless smart.