2020 Science Without Borders® Challenge: High School Finalists

Congratulations to the high school finalists in our 2020 Science Without Borders® Challenge!, The theme of this year’s student art contest was “Take Action: Conserve Coral Reefs.” These top-10 finalists were chosen based on how well the artwork exemplified this year’s theme, the quality of the artwork, and the creativity and originality of their artwork. We hope you will be as impressed with the submissions we received as we were. 


“A Bowl of Earth” by Young Suh Choi, Age 18, United States

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Many coral reefs on Earth die from sea pollution. Disposable items we use casually, oil spills from carelessness, food we throw away without sparing, all of which kill the coral reefs that make our beloved Earth beautiful. It looks like a delicious Asai Bowl from afar, but it's actually garbage, not fruit. So is our Earth. On the surface, it looks like it's just a blue sea, but the coral in the sea is losing its color. When you use a white plastic dish and try to throw it away, when you use a paper cup instead of a mug, when you want to choose a momentary convenience, not our future.If you think of coral that is dying white every time you do that, and reduce it one by one from a small routine, wouldn't you be able to see coral with beautiful colors again?