2021 Science Without Borders® Challenge Finalists: 11-14 year old students

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is pleased to announce the finalists in our 2021 Science Without Borders® Challenge! This international student art contest engages students in important ocean issues through art. For this year’s competition, students were asked to illustrate one or more of the benefits mangroves provide to people, other organisms, or the environment. 

Entries to the Science Without Borders® Challenge are judged in two categories based on age. Here are the finalists selected from the younger group of applicants, students 11-14 years old:


"Home of Our Mangrove Creatures" by Gwyneth Chun, Age 13, Republic of Korea

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Artist's Statement: Mangroves are really important not only in forests but even in water. Sea animals are one of the most important animals that need mangroves. They provide a home to sea animals and prevent erosion from waves and storms. After I learned this, I decided to incorporate different animals in the water such as fishes, jellyfish and turtles and others. As you can see in my artwork, I drew many mangroves on the surface and in the water. Under the water you can see sea animals with a variety of colors. I incorporated this to show how healthy and happy they are around mangroves. I wanted to show that Mangroves are able to benefit different animals, which is also why I drew various kinds of living creatures under and above the water.