2021 Science Without Borders® Challenge Finalists: 15-19 year old students

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is pleased to announce the finalists in our 2021 Science Without Borders® Challenge! This international student art contest engages students in important ocean issues through art. For this year’s competition, students were asked to illustrate one or more of the benefits mangroves provide to people, other organisms, or the environment. 

Entries to the Science Without Borders® Challenge are judged in two categories based on age. Here are the finalists selected from the older group of applicants, students 15-19 years old:


"Stop, Let's Preserve Our Mangroves" by Michelle Yang, Age 16, California, United States of America

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Artist's Statement: This drawing illustrates a visual of an ecosystem around mangroves where animals, plants, and even humans depend on each other. Life goes on in this enchanted world: animals take in oxygen released from the mangroves, school of fish swims around the corals as the bigger fish and birds look for food, others like the otter and the raccoon playfully roam around their home like a normal day. But something is different this particular day. A hurricane is heading towards them as the three men are cutting down their home, oblivious to the fact that it will absorb the storm’s energy, saving lives. The woman in the foreground understands the problem and signals them to stop, as she goes into the water trying to save the animals. But is she trying to save them from the three men or the hurricane? It is up to the viewer to decide.