2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge Finalists: 11-14 year old students

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is delighted to announce the finalists in our 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge! This international contest engages students in important ocean issues through art. This year we asked students to create a piece of art that highlights the beauty and wonder of life in the deep sea.

We received a record number of submissions this year—over 1,700 entries from 82 different countries—making the selection process challenging yet rewarding. The submissions were breathtaking. Prepare to be amazed by their artwork, which showcases deep-sea creatures and ecosystems and emphasizes the urgent need to preserve the deep sea. 

Entries to the Science Without Borders® Challenge are judged in two categories based on age. Here are the finalists selected from the younger group of applicants, students 11-14 years old:


"The Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Sea" by Валерия Колесникова, Age 13, Belarus

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Artist's Statement: In the drawing, I displayed my idea of the beauty and diversity of deep-sea creatures. These unique and mysterious marine animals have individual adaptations for existence in their mysterious world. Anglerfish is one of the brightest representatives of the deep-sea fauna. The anglerfish has a kind of bait – a flashlight, which in pitch darkness attracts other deep-sea inhabitants with its bright light (in my drawing, these are bioluminescent fish) directly into the mouth of a formidable predator. Although we do not have a real opportunity to see these amazing deep-sea creatures, we must make every effort to preserve this wonderful and mysterious world that is their home.