J.A.M.I.N. Winter 2018

The Jamaican Awareness of Mangroves (J.A.M.I.N.) 2017-2018 program is in full swing again. In collaboration with the University of the West Indies Discovery Bay Marine Lab, we are working with two schools in Jamaica – St. Hilda and William Knibb High Schools. During the second phase of the program, our year one J.A.M.I.N. students are learning about the mangrove food web. See their surprised expressions when we bring different mangrove critters into the classroom. Then, join us as we take our second year J.A.M.I.N. students on a field trip to the mangroves to monitor their 5 x 5-meter squared quadrats. Students will collect mangrove leaves and then return to the classroom to investigate if their leaves contain a disease-causing fungus.