Earth Matters January Puzzler: Palau’s Coral Reefs


Each month, NASA Earth Observatory’s Earth Matters blog offers a puzzling satellite image for its readers to ‘solve’… or weigh in on as to what part of the earth the satellite image depicts and why it is of interest.  The January 2016 Puzzler image was of Palau’s coral reefs, where the Living Oceans Foundation recently conducted a research mission as part of the Global Reef Expedition… as so highlighted in the answer article excerpted below.

January Puzzler Answer: Palau’s Coral Reefs

Palau's Coral Reefs satellite image
January Puzzler image: Palau’s coral reefs; courtesy of NASA.

Earth Matters Blog
NASA Earth Observatory
February 18, 2016
Adam Voiland

Congratulations, Thomas Goldammer, for being the first to solve our January Puzzler. As Thomas noted, the image highlighted coral reefs immediately north of Palau’s Babeldaob island. Tyler Johnson chimed in the next day with some additional details and insight…

Getting back to Palau, I also want to draw your attention to the video below. Compiled by the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, it shows mesmerizing aerial and underwater imagery of Palau’s reefs. In fact, the foundation recently completed an expedition to Palau to collect baseline data on the health of the reefs. Ground campaigns like this—combined with aerial and satellite campaigns from above—offer scientists a more  complete picture of the health of the world’s coral reefs than either might along…

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