The World’s Top Culture, Wildlife, and Nature Photographers


The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) includes in its fellowship an international cadre of some of the world’s top culture, wildlife, and nature photographers. Together, they work with conservation organizations all around the globe to visually document their efforts in protecting and conserving the animals, places, and cultures that make our planet so special. As iLCP celebrates their tenth anniversary, they celebrate a decade of amazing collaborations and honor the work of their photographers and partners in iLCP Expeditions… one of which is Living Oceans Foundation which hosted Michele Westmoreland on the 2013 French Polynesia Expedition to Tuamotu and Gambier Islands.

The World’s Top Culture, Wildlife, and Nature Photographers

Origin Magazine
November 17, 2015

Michele Westmorland
iLCP 2013 French Polynesia Expedition with the Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Michele Westmoreland 2013 French Polynesia Expedition with Living Oceans FoundationBefore heading out to the Tuamotus and Gambiers in French Polynesia, I asked myself, “What if the earth were made of coral?” Just this thought had me envisioning how I would capture that question in the form of an image. Equally important was to capture what the scientists must do to reach their goals of understanding the health of coral reef systems around the planet…

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