Science Without Borders®

Science Without Borders®

Science Without Borders® is the overarching theme of the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation. Its purposes are to provide financial sponsorship of marine conservation programs and scientific research, and to promote public awareness of the need to preserve, protect and restore the world's oceans and aquatic.

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Education Program

Education Program

  • The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is proud to announce winners of the 2015 Science Without Borders® Challenge! The Challenge is an international art competition that inspires students to be creative while raising awareness of important ocean conservation issues. The theme of this year’s Challenge was ‘Reef Relationships.’

  • Our education portal is set to launch later this year with 11 lesson plans on coral reefs for marine educators, along with associated videos, interactive quizzes, and other useful materials that meet the NGSS science standard for S.T.E.M. classes.

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Want to learn even more about corals?
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Corals have been around for half a BILLION years.
In that time they've undergone a number of mass extinction events, but they have always come back from the few that survived (maybe a little different, but still essentially the same).

Right now, we're working on lesson plans to teach students about coral evolution for our new education portal, sign up if you want to be the first to test it out with your classroom!
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Photo by Samantha Clements
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