Science Without Borders®

Science Without Borders®

Science Without Borders® is the overarching theme of the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation. Its purposes are to provide financial sponsorship of marine conservation programs and scientific research, and to promote public awareness of the need to preserve, protect and restore the world's oceans and aquatic.

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Education Program

Education Program

  • The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is proud to announce winners of the 2015 Science Without Borders® Challenge! The Challenge is an international art competition that inspires students to be creative while raising awareness of important ocean conservation issues. The theme of this year’s Challenge was ‘Reef Relationships.’

  • Our education portal is set to launch later this year with 11 lesson plans on coral reefs for marine educators, along with associated videos, interactive quizzes, and other useful materials that meet the NGSS science standard for S.T.E.M. classes.

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Amazing photos by underwater photographer Greg Lecoeur captures dolphins, seals, whales, and birds feeding on a sardine bait-ball in South Africa.

The sardines employ a safety in numbers strategy, and boy, do they go all-in. The shoal of sardines can get so big during their migration, that it can be seen from space.
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Every year millions of sardines swim from the frigid waters of South Africa...

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The occasional whale shark, dolphin, and whale approached us as we were conducting our surveys on the Global Reef Expedition in BIOT.
Photo: Anderson Mayfield/KSLOF
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