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We have been researching in the Pacific Ocean since mid-2012 although in some ways it feels like coming home since it was in French Polynesia that the Foundation first conducted coral reef research in 1998.

Our current Pacific Ocean research began when we passed through the Panama Canal in May 2012 before heading for the Galapagos Islands. Some of our coral reef research sites in the Galapagos archipelago lie round the southern islands. But our main research sites lie in the North at Wolf and Darwin Islands where the only true coral reefs of the Galapagos exist.

Our work further out in the Pacific revolves around the islands of  French Polynesia. We have embarked on an extensive coral reef research mission, conducting coral surveys in the Society islands, the Tuamotu islands, the Gambier islands and the Austral islands.

We have researched inside the recently created Cook Islands Marine Park and round the nations of Tonga and Fiji and we will remain conducting field research in the Pacific Ocean until the end of 2014.