New Caledonia

The Living Oceans Foundation will be conducting coral reef research in New Caledonia throughout November 2013. This is part of our Global Reef Expedition and we will continue to use the reef research methodology that we have been using across the South Pacific Ocean in 2013.

The research is being conducted in conjunction with L’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) and the National Coral Reef Institute in Florida. We will be conducting reef assessments and creating GIS databases containing satellite imagery, habitat maps, bathymetric maps, and photographed transects that document coral reef communities and coral reef data.

The research will take place around Il de Pins (Pins and Neulka), and Cook Reef. We will also be conducting scientific surveys on the reefs of the recently protected Entrecasteaux Islands in the north of New Caledonia, these are  Pelotas, Portail, Surprise, Merite, Gilbert and Huon.

This coral reef research will provide new information on the status and trends of coral reefs in New Caledonia, and will provide comparative information inside and outside of marine protected areas, including baseline information from the new MPAs established earlier in 2013.

The information we gather will also provide details about existing threats to reefs and reef resources, and valuable information on past impacts and patterns of recovery from past disturbances.

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