2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge: Introducing the 15-19 Year-Old Finalists

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The response to our 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge has been overwhelming! We’ve been blown away by the sheer number of submissions we received from aspiring young artists worldwide. Earlier this week, we proudly unveiled the finalists in the 11-14 age group, and now we’re ecstatic to announce the finalists in the 15-19 year-old category.

These young artists hail from all corners of the globe, including Canada, India, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. You will be amazed at their incredible artwork and how well they captured the essence of the theme, “Hidden Wonders of the Deep.” In their artwork, students portrayed a variety of deep-sea creatures, such as anglerfish, strawberry squid, basket stars, Japanese spider crabs, oarfish, and tubeworms. They also depicted mysterious deep-sea environments like whale falls and hydrothermal vents. We were amazed by these students’ creativity, execution of the theme, and artistic abilities.

Without further ado, please meet our talented 15-19 year old finalists! These exceptional artists have not only showcased their incredible talents, but also their unwavering passion for marine conservation.

"Glowing Allure from the Deep" by Zoe Cheng, Age 17, Taiwan, Province of China

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Artist's Statement: My artwork unveils the unique beauty of the ocean's depths, with a focus on the Mesopelagic and Bathypelagic zones. Through vibrant portrayals of creatures like the Anglerfish and Gulper Eel, I aim to showcase their fascinating adaptations. Puzzle pieces symbolize the mysteries awaiting discovery, while the diver represents humanity's intention to coexist with these creatures. Each organism, from the Vampire Squid to the Lion's Mane Jellyfish, embodies the diversity of the deep sea. I play with the unique aesthetic of bioluminescence, drawing attention to prey and enabling navigation in the dark to highlight the diverse adaptations of these creatures. Additionally, this exploration not only enhances ocean literacy but also serves as an inspiration for youth to pursue careers in STEM fields, fostering a clearer understanding and stronger connection to the 'hidden wonders of the deep'.

Stay tuned! We will announce the winners in the next couple of weeks.

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