Meet Eva Park, Our 2024 Art Contest 1st Place Winner (Ages 15-19)

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We hope you enjoyed meeting Claire, the first-place winner for ages 11-14 of our 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge. It is my pleasure to now introduce you to the first-place winner in our 15-19 year-old age group, Eva Park!

Unlike most students who enter our art contest with a general interest in ocean conservation, Eva is determined to become a marine scientist. Her journey began with a fascination with the deep sea, which ultimately inspired her career aspirations. During my interview with Eva and her art teacher, Mr. Connor Thompson from Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, California, we noted the irony that her fascination with the deep sea has now led her to win a contest focused on this very theme…

Meet Claire Kim, Our 2024 Art Contest 1st Place Winner (Ages 11-14)

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The Science Without Borders® Challenge has once again captivated audiences worldwide with its remarkable success, drawing in over 1,700 artworks from 82 different countries, all revolving around the theme of “Hidden Wonders of the Deep” and portraying the beauty and mystery of life in the deep sea. Though admiring the creative and artistic pieces was undoubtedly a highlight, my personal favorite aspect of the contest is the opportunity to engage with the winners, their teachers, and their families. Once again, this year proved to be no different.

In my recent conversation with Claire Kim, the first-place winner in the ages 11-14 group, and her art teacher at Griffith Woods School, Ms. Jennifer Hutchinson, along with Claire’s mom, Elena, I was struck by Claire’s humility, generosity, and exceptional talent. Ms. Hutchinson shared, “I’m not surprised that Claire won because she has the mastery of the tools, and I know she’s also a learner, but I also think she stands apart to me because she captures the essence of things so beautifully.” Claire’s commitment to her craft and ability to listen, understand, and translate emotions into art were evident throughout our conversation…

Announcing the winners of the 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge

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The Science Without Borders® Challenge, hosted by the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, unites young artists and ocean conservation advocates, highlighting their talent and dedication to safeguarding our oceans. This year’s theme, “Hidden Wonders of the Deep,” inspired students …

Vote for the People’s Choice Winners of the 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge!

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It’s time to cast your vote for your favorite piece of artwork in the 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge! This annual art contest, run by the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, is designed to raise awareness about critical ocean issues and engage students in ocean science and conservation through art.

This year’s theme is “Hidden Wonders of the Deep,” and students from around the world have submitted their best artwork portraying the beauty and wonder of life in the deep sea. The artwork is judged in two categories based on age, with winners selected from younger students (11-14 years old) and older students (15-19 years old). But that’s not all — there’s also a “People’s Choice” award that you can help decide!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Living Oceans Foundation’s Facebook page and “like” your favorite photo in the photo gallery of the finalist’s artwork from each age group. It’s that easy! The finalists with the most likes in each category by noon ET on Monday, April 29th will be crowned the “People’s Choice” winners and receive a $50 scholarship.

2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge: Introducing the 15-19 Year-Old Finalists

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The response to our 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge has been overwhelming! We’ve been blown away by the sheer number of submissions we received from aspiring young artists worldwide. Earlier this week, we proudly unveiled the finalists in the 11-14 age group, …

2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge: Introducing the 11-14 Year-Old Finalists

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Get ready to be inspired! The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is delighted to reveal the finalists of the 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge. This year’s theme is “Hidden Wonders of the Deep,” and we challenged young artists from around …