Bahamas Mangrove Program Year 2 Pilot

In this second year of our Bahamian Awareness of Mangroves (B.A.M.) program, we will work with grade 11 Biology students who participated in the first year program to monitor and manage mangroves, again through project-based learning. Students will apply the …

Inside the Mangrove Forest

Inside the Mangrove Forest In this short film you’ll learn what mangroves are and the importance of the complex ecosystem their forests create. Welcome to the mangrove forest, where the daily rhythm of the tides sets the pace. These coastal wetlands create …

Elkhorn coral

Elkhorn coral ((Acropora palmata), one of the most important (and endangered) reef-building corals in the Caribbean, caught on Steve Schill’s dropcam.

Trumpetfish at Andros Island Bahamas

Check out this trumpetfish at Andros Island Bahamas … just one of the many reef creatures we encountered during the Bahamas leg of the Global Reef Expedition.