Inside the Mangrove Forest

Inside the Mangrove Forest In this short film you’ll learn what mangroves are and the importance of the complex ecosystem their forests create. Welcome to the mangrove forest, where the daily rhythm of the tides sets the pace. These coastal wetlands create …

Jamaica Coral Reefs Crisis – What Can Be Done?

This Jamaica Coral Reefs Crisis video reveals how conservationists and fishermen in Jamaica work together to help restore Jamaica’s coral reefs. Once known as the jewels of the Caribbean, Jamaica’s reefs declined over decades. Hurricanes, disease, and pollution have all …

Corals Get Sick Too! Coral Disease (with examples)

Corals have many natural and anthropogenic threats. Coral disease is just one of them. Find out more about corals, coral disease, and how coral disease is causing the deterioration of coral reefs around the world.

Rough swells on the Golden Shadow

Rough swells on the high seas for Living Oceans Foundation ocean research vessel Golden Shadow during the Global Reef Expedition.

Pair of nurse sharks

A pair of nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) caught on Steve Schill’s dropcam

Spearing a lionfish

Marine scientist Llewellyn Meggs spearing a lionfish on Pedro Bank during the Jamaica Mission of the Global Reef Expedition.

Climbing aboard the Calcutta

Check out our efforts at climbing aboard the Calcutta. Transferring between the tender and the Calcutta is tricky in active seas.

Pedro Bank nurse shark

We found this Pedro Bank nurse shark resting on the bottom while setting the current sensor in place on March 12 during the Jamaica Mission of the Global Reef Expedition.   Video by Brian Beck, Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Tender transfer

Tender transfer between the Golden Shadow and the tender is a tricky operation when the swells are up.