Living Oceans Foundation Completes Global Coral Reef Atlas

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The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has completed the World Reef Map, an online interactive coral reef atlas that allows users to explore all of the coral reefs and shallow water marine habitats mapped on the Global Reef Expedition. With over 65,000 square kilometers of shallow water marine ecosystems mapped, this is by far the largest collection of high-resolution coral reef maps ever made.

Global Reef Expeditions Assess Coral Reef Health

Prince Khaled bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia had a dream: to fund research expeditions focused on the health of the ocean. The dream became reality when the Living Oceans Foundation was founded in California. Global Reef Expeditions Assess Coral Reef …

US Virgin Islands

The Living Oceans Foundation conducts coral reef research in the US Virgin Islands. Our scientists conduct extensive local mapping of coral reefs through aerial surveys using remote sensing carried out aboard the Golden Eye, our Cessna amphibious aircraft. The information …