Fact Friday

Goatfish get their name because of the two barbels that hang from their chin that kind of look like a goat’s whiskers. The barbels are used to sift through the sand in search of tasty invertebrates to eat.  Check out our video of these busy hunters.

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coral nursery

November 11, 2022

Coral Nursery

Scientists are trying to mitigate the decline of corals. One way to do this is to grow and “plant” them. Coral ecologists grow corals in nurseries created either on land or in the ocean. As with most plants, you can break a leaf off and grow it into a whole new plant. The same process can be used to grow coral. When a piece of a coral is broken off, it can be regrown into another coral, and when they are large enough, they are transplanted from the nursery to the coral reef.

Photo Credit: James Byrne