Coral Feeding Quiz 2

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Fill in the blank with the correct term. Drag and drop the term into the blank box. Each term will be used once.

  1. Most corals are   and can’t move to get their food.

  2. They feed on  .

  3. At night, zooplankton  .

  4. This means that the zooplankton come to the surface as the  .

  5. Then, they move to deeper water as the  .

  6. Corals use their to   catch the zooplankton.

  7. The coral polyps have an outer   layer.

  8. It aids in transporting prey to the   for digestion.

  9. It is moved by   that cover the coral’s surface.

Drag words to the left

  • cilia
  • tentacles
  • gastrovascular cavity
  • sun rises
  • mucus
  • zooplankton
  • vertically migrate
  • sun sets
  • sessile
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