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Identify the different bathymetric features of the ocean floor by dragging and dropping the correct term to label the image.


    Large geographic regions that are below sea level and contain features such as abyssal plains, abyssal hills, mid-ocean ridges, rift valleys, deep-sea trenches, submarine canyons, plateaus, seamounts, and guyots.


    An area that makes up the continental shelf, continental slope, and continental rise.


    A chain of continuous mountains that line each side of a rift valley.


    A layer of crust that forms continents and extends all the way out to the continental shelf in the ocean.


    Seamounts that have risen above the ocean’s surface.


    Seamounts that have been eroded becoming flat on top.

Drag words to the left

  • Volcano
  • Continental margin
  • Guyot
  • Continental crust
  • Mid-ocean ridge
  • Ocean basin
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