Farasan Islands

Throughout the month of May, 2006, the Living Oceans Foundation led a collaborative research project in the south-central Red Sea in the vicinity of the Farasan Islands Marine Protected Area.  The multi-national science team members provided ‘live’ daily reports of their scientific observations and operational activities during the expedition.  Please explore the archived science log.

Focussing on the Farasan Islands Marine Protected Area in the southern Red Sea, based on the vessel ‘Golden Shadow’, the project team provided curriculum relevant scientific information direct to this web-site via a near-real-time reporting process.

The educational component to this research project had the following objectives:

[a] Support the Living Oceans Foundation ‘Science without Borders’ Education and Outreach theme.

[b] Provide ‘real-life’ scientific information of direct benefit to science curricula.

[c] Raise marine environmental awareness within schools.

[d] Motivate and enthuse young people about the exciting and rewarding careers available through the pursuit of a environmental orientated education.

[e] Promote the formation of international school links.

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