Inside the Mangrove Classroom

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Want to know what outdoor education looks like in the Bahamas and Jamaica? Well, now you can see for yourself by watching Inside the Mangrove Classroom, a film that portrays our Bahamas Awareness of Mangroves (B.A.M.) and Jamaican Awareness of Mangroves in Nature (J.A.M.I.N.) programs. The film features the students, teachers, and our partners (FRIENDS of the Environment in the Bahamas and the University of the West Indies Discovery Bay Marine Lab in Jamaica) that participated in these programs during the 2016-2017 academic year. From their eyes, you will see and hear a firsthand account of our programs. 

We conduct education programs because the mangroves are a vital, yet threatened ecosystem.  To learn more about mangroves watch Inside the Mangrove Forest.

Please sit back, relax, and learn about our programs as we take you from inside the classroom to the mangrove ecosystem.


The students had a lot of fun making the film and hope that you will get a better sense of the importance of mangroves, the threats they face, and the significance of outdoor education.

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