2022 Science Without Borders® Challenge Finalists: 11-14 year old students

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is thrilled to announce the finalists in our 2022 Science Without Borders® Challenge! This international contest engages students in important ocean issues through art. This year we asked students to create a piece of art that illustrates one or more actions that governments, non-profits, park managers, and indigenous communities can take to preserve coral reefs using a ridge-to-reef approach to conservation. 

We hope you will be as impressed with the submissions we received as we were. Entries to the Science Without Borders® Challenge are judged in two categories based on age. Here are the finalists selected from the younger group of applicants, students 11-14 years old:


"Saving Ocean Life" by Claire Chen, Age 13, Canada

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ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Ocean life around the world is threatened by human waste. In my piece, a sea turtle struggles to free itself from plastic tied around its appendages. The figures are placed in a circular arrangement, leading the viewer around the scene, tying the image together. The image is tied together further by the three figures on the top left and on the bottom right, creating harmony and balance. At the same time, lines direct the viewer towards the sea turtle, the primary focus of the image. Hands reach towards the turtle from outside the page. These hands could be our own hands, inviting us to take part in the effort to save the turtle, and all life in the ocean. The invitation is yours to accept.