Our field reports  are short reports drawn up after we have finished collecting data in a location. For a fully detailed analysis of our results please also look at our Final reports.

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  • 2010

    An Assessment of the Health and Resilience of Bonaire's Coral Reefs

    From July 19-26, 2010, a dedicated team of researchers completed transect surveys on 25 reefs located on the leeward side of Bonaire and the adjacent Klein Bonaire to characterize the current status, threats, and resilience of Bonaire’s reefs. The assessments focused on corals, fish, algae and motile invertebrates using belt transects, point intercept methods and photographic documentation, incorporating attributes of the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) protocol and the IUCN bleaching resilience protocol. The main purpose of this work was to 1) assess changes in reef structure and health since the last region-wide AGRRA assessments (1998-2000) and other...

  • 2009

    Ten Years of Change to Coral Communities Off Mona and Desecheo Islands, Puerto Rico, From Disease and Bleaching

    Remote reefs off southwest Puerto Rico have experienced recent losses in live coral cover of 30 to 80%, primarily due to the decline of Montastraea annularis and M. faveolata from disease and bleaching. These species were formerly the largest, oldest, and most abundant corals on these reefs, constituting over 65% of the living coral cover and 40 to 80% of the total number of colonies. From 1998 to 2001, outbreaks of yellow band disease (YBD) and white plague (WP) affected 30 to 60% of the M. annularis (complex) colonies. Disease prevalence declined beginning in 2002, and then increased immediately...

  • 2007

    Seychelles Tsunami Impacts in the Western Indian Ocean

    Temporal and spatial characteristics of the December 2004 tsunami in the Republic of Seychelles,Western Indian Ocean are described, with particular reference to the detailed water level record from the Pointe La Rue tide-gauge, Mahé, and tsunami run-up characteristics on Mahé and Praslin. Assessments of tsunami impacts on coastal and shallow marine environments in the granitic islands of the Northern Seychelles, and on the coral islands of selected locations in the Southern Seychelles, are reported. The lack of noticeable impacts within the southern islands compared to those further north appears to be related to...

  • 2006

    Farasan Islands Benthic Habitat Assessment and Mapping, Farasan Islands Marine Protected Area, May 2006 Preliminary Field Report

    Benthic Habitat Assessment and Mapping in the Farasan Islands Marine Protected Area, May 2006 Preliminary Field Report