Scuba Diving

Almost all of the Living Ocean Foundation’s scientific research is conducted via SCUBA diving.  Since the start of the Global Reef Expedition in 2011, the Foundation has worked with 196 different scientists and has safely conducted over 6000 SCUBA dives, spending almost 13,000 hours diving unwater.

Safety is number one. Science Without Borders ® research team aboard M/Y Golden ShadowScientific divers are trained to maintain safe scuba diving practices while using a variety of equipment to survey and sample marine life and the physical environment. The intensity of our underwater diving in remote locations and challenging diving conditions requires a keen focus on safety at all times.

The research vessel we used for the Global Reef Expedition, the M/Y Golden Shadow, was equipped with a hyperbaric chamber and fully trained crew, including a highly experienced dive safety officer.


AAUS and Scientific Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving at a Coral Reef

The American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) was organized and incorporated in 1983 to oversee scientific diving activities. AAUS is a non-profit, dedicated to establishing and maintaining standards for scientific diving. The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation became a member of AAUS in 2011.

Hyperbaric ChamberWith the adoption of AAUS standards throughout most of America’s academic and scientific organizations, divers from various organizations are allowed to perform underwater research together. AAUS is a perfect match for the Living Oceans Foundation collaborative model of Science Without Borders® which brings together scientific divers from around the USA to engage in the Foundation’s scientific research programs into marine life and aquatic ecosystems. AAUS also permitted visiting scientists from around the world to collaborate on our multi-year Global Reef Expedition.

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