4 May 2006 : Fact of the Day – The Wreck!

SCUBA divers love to dive on wrecks.

The Wreck Underwater Video tells why SCUBA divers love to dive on shipwrecks. This footage was taken during the Farasan Islands ocean science expedition to the Red Sea.

About The Wreck!

SCUBA divers love to dive on wrecks as not only is there a feeling of adventure in exploring a sunken ship (will they find any hidden treasure!), wrecks support a wealth of diverse marine life. Often a wreck is situated next to a reef, but the wreck may support a greater abundance of marine life. So why is this? Wrecks are a great habitat for fish life – the complex structure of a ship provides many nooks and crannies for fish to live in, protected from predators and strong currents. Flat surfaces on the wreck provide a suitable site for juvenile corals and sponges to settle on and other encrusting organisms such as anemones and bryozoans may also be observed.

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