Meet a Marine Geologist: Sam Purkis

Meet a Scientist: Professor Sam Purkis

Online Coral Reef Ecology Curriculum Video: Meet a Marine Geologist

Do you know… a real marine geologist?

In this Meet a Marine Geologist video, you’ll learn about a real life marine geologist who spends his days working on reef-scale monitoring of coral habitats using remote sensing technologies.

Dr. Sam Purkis is an Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center who has been on 10 missions with the Living Oceans Foundation, mapping remote coral reefs in places like the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia, and the British Indian Ocean Territory. Dr. Purkis is renowned for work on the reef-scale monitoring of coral habitats using remote sensing technologies. His expertise stretches from air- and space-borne optical instruments to vessel-mounted acoustic tools and bathymetric LiDAR. His work concentrates on using technology to resolve seabed architecture of modern and ancient carbonate landscapes, with attention to the detection of change through time. This research is relevant to modeling the degradation of marine ecosystems and the development of management plans to promote sustainability. His work stretches from field monitoring to software development and mathematical simulation.

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