2023 B.A.M. Student Voices

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Previously, you heard the voice of the students in our J.A.M.I.N. program. Now it’s time to hear how the students in The Bahamas feel about our B.A.M. program

Though I do not want to pursue a career in science or conservation, I still appreciate and I’m thankful that I am a part of something so important like the B.A.M. program.

– Kaley Scott, Forest Heights Academy

I learned many things during B.A.M. that I didn’t know before, and I learned to appreciate the mangroves.”

– Nick Mildor, Forest Heights Academy

I would personally like to say thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn about the mangroves. I can’t speak for everyone, but I had a lot of fun! Please take care and stay safe.

– Sammia Hyacinthe, Forest Heights Academy

Mangroves are in danger as there are many threats to them. I learned to be more appreciative and thankful for them. One of my favorite parts of B.A.M. was going on field trips to see and learn about the mangrove ecosystem.

– Jaden Alcime, Forest Heights Academy

We need to conserve mangroves for future generations so they can have the same experiences as we did.”

– Albrian Antoine, Patrick J. Bethel High School

B.A.M. was a fun program that allowed me to connect with different people. I was also excited to be picked among my peers to participate in this project.”

– Vanisha Gaitor, Patrick J. Bethel High School

I learned how important mangroves really are to our society, and I saw the natural beauty of mangroves.”

– Kaiden Knowles, Patrick J. Bethel High School

My favorite part of this project was that it was hands-on, especially when we visited the mangroves.”

­– Avanna Roberts, Patrick J. Bethel High School

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