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Thank you to everyone who applied to our 2024 Science Without Borders® Challenge! We are captivated and inspired by the artwork we received for this year’s contest, “Hidden Wonders of the Deep.” Students’ artworks have brought attention to a diverse array of deep-sea species, including mesmerizing jellyfish, anglerfish, gulper eels, and vampire squids. They have also depicted the fascinating ecosystems they inhabit, such as whale falls, hydrothermal vents, and deep-sea reefs. Their creativity and talent have effectively emphasized the significance of conserving these unique and peculiar ecosystems.

Overall, we received over 1,700 qualifying pieces of artwork from 82 different countries. In the 11-14 year-old category, we received just over 900 submissions. The students portrayed the deep sea in their artwork in various ways. Some chose to showcase the beauty of the deep sea with vibrant colors, capturing its mesmerizing allure, while others delved into portraying the deep, dark depths of the ocean, highlighting its mysterious nature. A diverse range of styles and media were also used to create these incredible art pieces.

Our judges chose 36 remarkable pieces of artwork in the 11-14 year-old category to become semi-finalists. These young artists span 16 countries around the world. Not only was their artwork impressive, but they also excelled in providing clear explanations in their written descriptions, detailing the extreme adaptations of organisms to the deep sea, and highlighting the fascinating ecosystems that render the deep sea truly unique.

We invite you to meet our 11-14 year-old semi-finalists!

2024 Science Without Borders Challenge Semi-Finalists (11-14 year old students)

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