Introducing Our Outreach Volunteer: Shaping the Future of Ocean Education

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Hello, I am Luz Verónica Delvasto Algarín, an enthusiastic environmentalist with a deep commitment to marine conservation and restoration. My journey in marine science and passion for environmental education have led me to a vital role as an Outreach Volunteer with the Living Oceans Foundation. In this role, I develop educational materials and initiatives to promote ocean awareness and environmental education on the Foundation’s social media platforms. Additionally, I translate educational materials to reach a broader audience. 

I am originally from Colombia, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in physical oceanography and served as a Navy Officer for two years. During my tenure in the Navy, I collaborated on several Mangrove Conservation Initiatives, including designing a Mangrove Restoration Plan for the mangroves of “Punta Recluta” in Manzanillo Island, Cartagena, Colombia. I also created an Oceanographic Data Management System to ensure data continuity for the Oceanology Group of the Naval School. Moreover, I have contributed to projects aimed at making scientific information accessible to the general public, such as my work as a contributor researcher for the book “Fatal Conveniences” and sections of “The Darin Olien Show.” 

Currently, I am on the final track of a master’s degree in Ocean Science, Conservation, and Innovation. My academic pursuits have provided me with a profound understanding of marine ecosystems, conservation strategies, and the importance of public engagement in protecting our oceans. My work with the Living Oceans Foundation allows me to apply my knowledge and skills practically, contributing directly to raising awareness about the value of our oceans and the need for their protection. 

As part of my master’s program, I interned in the field of Environmental Economics, where I researched the interconnections between social, economic, and environmental aspects of marine protected areas. I also participated in the Blue Economy Round Table during Monaco Ocean Week. Currently, I am completing my master’s thesis with the GeoHydrodynamic and Environment Research Group at the University of Liège, focusing on oceanographic phenomena affecting the Gibraltar Strait and Alboran Sea. 

I am very excited to continue my work with the Foundation, and I hope it reaches many people, allowing me to spread awareness about the importance of the ocean and the need for its conservation. 

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