Luz Veronica Delvasto Algarin

Outreach Volunteer


Luz is a skilled environmentalist currently volunteering for the Living Oceans Foundation. She is also finishing her master’s degree in Science, Conservation, and Valorization of Marine Resources by doing an internship in GeoHydrodynamics and Environment Research at the University of Liège, Belgium. Leveraging a profound passion for environmental research, she also actively contributes to the "Fatal Conveniences" project, disseminating complex scientific insights simply and understandably for the general public. She also worked with the Scientific Centre of Monaco, developing research in ways to balance conservation and economic growth in the Mediterranean Sea, and as a Lieutenant in the Colombian Navy, where she led GIS-based research on native mangrove ecosystems, steering a long-term restoration initiative. Her multifaceted role encompassed hydrographic surveys, data management systems, and military duties.