Alex Henderson

Scientific Diver / Fish Surveyor


Alex finished high school in the Bahamas two years ago and since then has been involved with many things related to marine science. When he left high school, he became part of the Bahamas Environment Steward Scholars (BESS) program – which included a six- month internship at the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) and a semester at The Island School, Cape Eleuthera. The Island school is a three- month program where students learn about sustainable living and the environment of the Bahamas, and Alex was part of a small research group that studied the impact of the invasive lionfish. At the Bahamas National Trust, Alex was involved with educating people about the Bahamian environment and went on a sea turtle research expedition. After he finished this program he returned to work at the BNT to assist with the Shark Campaign, where he also participated in a Nassau Grouper research expedition to Long Island, Bahamas. Through the experience he has gained, Alex plans to study marine biology.


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