Abigail Libbin Cannon

Coral Surveyor / Scientific Diver


Abigail has been impressed with the beauty and diversity of the Great Barrier Reef ever since she dove there while participating in the UCEAP Australia study abroad program in 2007. Since then, life has taken her to visit other reefs through out the tropics, which has enhanced her appreciation of the beauty of coral reefs, but also increasingly aware of the threats to their very existence. Abigail is especially worried about the future of the Great Barrier Reef given Dr. Peter Mumby's assertion that the reef is in its 'worst state since records began' and that UNESCO is considering listing the reef as an endangered world heritage site. She hopes the data she gathers can be used to help better manage the reef in the future leading to the preservation of the sites that remain relatively healthy and to allow degraded areas to recover.

Abigail's role on the expedition is to conduct belt transects and identify all corals encountered. She also assess the size and health of corals, coral recruitment, and causes of recent mortality.


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