Bar Ayalon

Research Assistant / Benthic Surveyor


Bar Ayalon was born at the northern tip of the Red Sea on Aquaba Gulf's shores. Ever since he was a little boy, the clear turquoise waters were his second home. Diving and snorkeling at the coral reef, exploring the underwater unique life, was a passion he could not resist.

After he finished High School, he made his love of the underwater world his way of life. Bar joined the marine university's monitoring team for the shores of Eilat, and assisted several experiments at the university. Pursuing his passion, he flew to to Australia and joined several experiments conducted on Heron Island. The island experience gave him a new perspective on marine life diversity and abundance compared to the over-fished and nearly-destroyed coral reef of his home town.

Bar understands that our ocean ecosystems are under constant threats from diverse origins. He believes the source for saving our oceans is education, especially education of the communities living along the shores of vulnerable ecosystems. He sees the key for effective education as greater knowledge, therefore Bar feels research and monitoring programs are absolutely essential.


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