Christian Clark

Scientific Diver


Christian Clark has felt connected to the water since he was a child. His family lived in Brazil, Canada, and Georgia, never too far from water and boats. Christian learned to dive in Hawaii at age 13. Now a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii with a BS in Global Environmental Science, Christian is a Divemaster with over 400 scientific dives. 
As a research assistant in the Institute of Marine Biology’s Shark Lab, he studied sharks and apex predators around the main and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. He has participated in three research expeditions to Antarctica observing climate change effects on benthic ecology and was recently named the 2011 North American Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society.
Christian sees documentary film as an effective tool for communicating environmental issues and solutions to the public. He hopes to pursue a career that would combine his passions for marine science, research diving, and videography.