Charlie Huveneers, Phd

Senior Lecturer / Research Assistant / Scientific Diver / Shark Surveyor


Charlie is the founder and research leader of the Southern Shark Ecology Group (SSEG), which delivers high quality research on the biology, ecology, and population status of chondrichthyans, as well as assessments of their vulnerability to fishing pressure, interactions with humans and related public perception. His research group also provides advice to managers and policy makers on issues associated with sharks, rays, skates, and chimaeras.

Charlie has been involved in Chondrichthyan research for over 10 years. He started his PhD at Macquarie University in 2002 on the biology and ecology of wobbegong sharks in relation to the commercial fishery in NSW. In 2007, he started running the Australian Acoustic Tagging and Monitoring System (AATAMS) during which he deployed acoustic receivers around Australia and created a national network of acoustic telemetry users. Following five years within Marine Innovation South Australia in a joint position between SARDI - Aquatic Sciences and Flinders University, he is now leading a shark ecology research lab within Flinders University where he acts as a Senior Lecturer.