Eva McClure

Scientific Diver


Eva McClure completed a Bachelor of Marine Studies at the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2007, graduating with first class honours for her project on colour signalling in nudibranchs. Following this she worked as a research assistant in both the Marine Visual Ecology and Coral Reef Ecology Laboratories. There she gained further experience in scientific diving and field research, working on numerous projects and in many locations such as Lizard Island, Heron Island, the Coral Sea and Moreton Bay. After two years working at UQ, Eva embarked on a yearlong professional and personal development journey, volunteering and independently travelling through South America.
Shortly after returning to Australia Eva accepted a 6-month volunteer position as Expedition Leader for Coral Cay Conservation's Philippines base. In this role she was responsible for logistical and safety aspects of the expedition, managing up to forty local staff, international staff and volunteers. During her time in the Philippines she was further introduced to fish survey techniques and completed Dive Master training. She now has returned to UQ as a field assistant for the Coral Reef Ecology Lab, running field projects based on Lizard Island.
From the past five years working and volunteering in diverse laboratory and field environments she has been involved in more than 20 distinct projects, including work on: nudibranchs; stomatopods; cephalopods including nautilus; numerous fish species; coral reef health; shark fisheries; reforestation; puma and jaguar care; gnathiid isopods; and sea turtles.