Eve Perrin

Turtles “Sampler” Scientist


Fascinated for a long time by the wildlife, I choosed to work on sea turtles. I got a master degree in Conservation Biology in Lyon 1 University.
My first experience on sea turtles was in Costa Rica with Widecast. I learnt how to tag a turtle, how to take measurements, how to Pit Tag a turtle, how to take skin samples. And I also worked on eggs relocated due to the erosion of the beach but also because of the main threat of poaching the eggs.
For my last internship I choosed to work at Le Meridien Bora Bora in a Conservation program of sea turtles. The main goal is to educate kids, locals and tourists about the protection of sea turtles.
After my internship, I was hired as a marine biologist to take the responsibility of the Conservation Program. Le Méridien Bora Bora takes care of turtles for more than 10 years. Fishermen bring them back when they find them in their nets, or when they find them floating in the lagoon. We take care of them for a few months and release them when they are strong enough in the ocean. This year we also welcome 55 babies that hatched on the motu of the airport and were saved from dogs. The main goal is to make them grow faster to release them in the ocean with more chances of survival.
I got the opportunity also to work on sea turtles in Mopelia with the NOAA of Hawaii, to take measurements, skin samples, tag and pit tag nesters, to collect information and making genetic analysis on turtles nesting in French Polynesia.


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