Glen Page

Scientific Diver


Glenn is Founder and President of SustainaMetrix has devoted over 20 years to the practice of ecosystem based management. His passion is building capacity for stewardship of the ocean and coastal realm and developing methods to sustain ecosystems and people in a rapidly changing world. He has built a series of award winning programs at regional and national institutions, such as the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and National Aquarium in Baltimore. Vice President Gore recognized his efforts with a prestigious national award on Earth Day 2000. Glenn currently leads an innovative social enterprise to build, measure and increase capacity for coastal stewardship throughout the world with SustainaMetrix. He is ex-officio President of the Board of Directors for the Center for Watershed Protection and active in many local community sustainability initiatives. He's been an active filmmaker documenting sustainability in the many projects he's worked on and is helping the Living Oceans Foundation with our underwater research and video documentation of the expedition.