Jacqui Evans

Scientific Diver


Jacqui Evans has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (Biology Emphasis) from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji (1993-95). He also completed one year of courses towards a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at James Cook University, Australia (1989). He also have a Master of Arts in Geography from the East West Center, University of Hawaii (2001-2004).

The most relevant position held was as Wildlife Officer at the Cook Islands Conservation Service (1992-1996) where Jacqui planned, coordinated and implemented coral reef surveys with a team of 4 assistants. Surveys were performed both inside the Rarotonga lagoon and outside on the reef slope. He has used the line intercept transect method and has a reasonable knowledge of coral and algae genera and fish species. He has also done fish visual census, and had some training in the identification of dinoflagellates but is not an expert in this.

Since being the Wildlife Officer at the CICS, Jacqui has mostly done environmental Project Management and environmental Organisational Management work.