Joaquin Javech

Scientific Diver / RVC Fish Counter


NOAA hired Joaquin Javech in 1979 as Scientific Illustrator while in his 2nd year of college Biology program. He never finished his degree due to being at sea as a fisheries observer aboard Atlantic Bluefin Tuna boats in NE US waters for about 4 years. He also served aboard NOAA research vessels collecting plankton in the Gulf of Mexico. Joaquin served in the US Marine Corps Reserves from 1988-1994 and deployed to SW Asia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. At the lab he produced morphometric and anatomic illustrations of ichthyoplankton and other marine organisms. In addition he maintained a photo/video archive of fish and habitats images from our studies. In the field Joaquin assists scientists in capturing fish, marine mammals and sea turtles for research as needed. He began working as a NOAA diver in 1987 and currently focuses on his fish census research in SE Florida and the Caribbean. He serves also as divemaster, Scientific Diver instructor and boat operator. Joaquin received a US Dept of Commerce Bronze Medal Award and NOAA Fisheries Service Employee of the Year Award.