Mireille Chinain, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator


Dr. Mireille Chinain is a research scientist at the Louis Malardé Institute (Tahiti, French Polynesia), where she has been serving as the head of the ciguatera research program since 2000. Current research in her laboratory focuses on the ecology, biodiversity, taxonomy and systematics of the ciguatera-causing dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus, as well as the development of various methods for toxin detection.
Dr. Chinain and her team also currently manage algal and toxin-based field monitoring programs throughout French Polynesian lagoons and the Pacific region, for CFP risk assessment and management purposes.
Dr. Chinain is also in charge of the epidemiological survey of marine biotoxins intoxications and CFP database for French Polynesia, in collaboration with the local Public Health Directorate.
Awards: recipient of the Tyge Christensen 2010 Award (International Phycological Society), the Albert Sézary 2006 Award (Académie Nationale de Médecine, Paris, France) and the Tregouboff 2005 Award in Marine Biology (Académie des Sciences de Paris, France).