Marine Couraudon-Reale

Marine Biologist


Marine Couraudon-Reale graduated with a Masters Degree in Oceanography and Marine Environments from Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris (France, June 2011). She completed her Masters thesis, which was dedicated to the effects of macroalgae and corallivory on corals growth and survival, at the Insular Research Centre and Observatory of the Environment (CRIOBE-CNRS) in French Polynesia.
Marine’s research interests focus on coral reef ecosystems, their protection and conservation such as understanding algae, corals and predation interaction under climate change and ocean acidification.
She is currently working in different laboratories and foundations mainly in Australia as a research assistant in marine biology/ecology to gain more experiences and to open up to different scientific approaches. She has worked on different projects such as the effect of salinity on diatoms in Adelaide (South Australia, Australia) with Dr Sophie LETERME, in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) with Dr Guillermo DIAZ-PULIDO on crustose coralline algae and the ocean acidification impact or on field expedition to collect corals cores and do some surveys of corals and fish on the Great Barrier Reef (University of Queensland).